About Somedico

Our History

Somedico was first established as South China Medical Supplies Company in 1951 in Hong Kong by its founders to distribute Schering-Plough (then US Schering) products.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the company grew and spread its wings to Singapore and Malaysia. The company changed its name from South China Medical Supplies Company to Somedico in 1969.

Incorporated in 1967, Somedico Malaysia grew rapidly in the 1980’s when it started its ethical pharmaceuticals and hospital products marketing and distribution business.

The company consolidated in the late 1990’s and refocused its strategic presence in Malaysia.

Today, Somedico Malaysia continues to excel in its role as a premier healthcare distributor through its high caliber team of sales and marketing professionals and its in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs and the products it markets.

Our Mission

With a team of committed people, Somedico's mission is to achieve:

Progress through total customer service using effective teamwork

Our Vision

To be the premier specialty healthcare distributor in Malaysia

Our Core Values

  • Conducting business with integrity and humility
  • Serving to improve the quality of life
  • Delivering value in all the things we do
  • Empowering our employees through teamwork
  • Respecting and celebrating diversity

Our Business Model

Somedico's core competence is the commercialization of pharmaceutical, medical device and medical nutrition products within the Malaysian. Somedico focuses on sales, marketing and distribution of our global partner's products.

Somedico believes that there are many innovations around the world that have potential in Malaysia, and seeks to partner with such companies that can supply such products economically and sustainably.

As Malaysia has introduced regulatory framework for phamaceuticals since the 1980's and for medical devices fully enforced in 2018, Somedico has its own regulatory staff with experience in navigating the registration and compliance.

With successful registration of products, Somedico' sales and marketing teams will commericalize the products.

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