Meiji Seika Pharma

Meiji Seika Pharma of Japan is one of our longest-standing partners with a global presence. We market a range of antibiotics, pharyngeal and joint preparations produced by Meiji. Products from Meiji are imported from four countries, ie Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Spain.

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Teijin Pharma

Teijin of Japan is a leading pharmaceutical research based company with a large stake in bone health. Teijin supplies an innovative formulation of alfacalcidol (One-Alfa in Japan) under the brand of Bon-One in Malaysia.

Bon-One is available in tablet form in three strengths, 0.25µg, 0.5µg and 1.0µg.

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Okamoto Industries Inc.

Okamoto Industries Inc., established in 1934 has earned an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality rubber and plastic consumer products.

Okamoto`s condom range is a leading brand in the retail pharmacy channel, having won some reader's choice awards.

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